Chen Xiaoduo

Acclaimed by the New York Times for her “lush, sweetly melodic lines” at her Carnegie Hall début and by the San Francisco Chronicle as “first-rate” singer, lyrical coloratura soprano Chen XiaoDuo has performed in many prestigious concert halls and theatres around the world. As a rising young star, she is the graduate of opera studies at China Conservatory of Music, she has won lots of excellent achievements in music field, she has won Belgium’s 2001 Vera Rosa Award, the 2002 Best new singer award in Taiwan, as well as the Best Vocal Performance of Wenhua Grand Prize, the highest performance art award issued by Chinese government. In 2008, she was the original singer of You and Me, the theme song of Beijing Olympic Games. Now she is the leading soprano of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre.

She has sung in Mahler’s Symphony No.4, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Qigang Chen’s suite Iris Dévoilée (Iris Unveiled). Xiaogang Ye’s Song of The Earth, Tan Dun’s opera Tea and a series of Chinese operas, including Miss Du Shi Niang, Savage Land, A Tale of Sacred Mountain, The Song of Youth and Emperor Liu Bang. Touring across the United States and Canada, she received critical acclaim as the lead role in the musical Terracotta Warriors. In 2003, she sang two lead roles Mulan and Princess BaDan in Chinese musical Mulan.
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