Meng Meng

Born in Shandong, Meng Meng entered the Opera School of Shandong Province (now known as The Art School of Shandong Province) at the age of 12. She studied performance in Peking opera, majoring in qingyi, huashan, and Cheng styles. She has performed in many distinguished productions in the Cheng style such as Snow in June, The Lucky Purse, The Story of Chen Sanliang, Sweet Dream and Qingshuang Sword. After graduating in 1998, Meng worked in Qingdao Peking Opera Theatre. She participated in a number of large-scale performances and competitions as a representative of the province, the city and the troupe, garnering critical acclaim. Meng Meng then fur thered her studies at the Depar tment of Vocal Music and Opera, China Music Conservatory in 2001. She did ethnic vocal studies with Professor Zhu Yiwei. Gaining magna cum laude in all subjects, she scored the highest marks for three consecutive years.

Meng Meng has a busy performing schedule. In February this year, she sang the role of qingyi and soprano II in Iris Dévoilée with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, cellist Wang Jian and conductor Yu Long. Previously, she performed Iris Dévoilée (qingyi) with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra in the Sydney Opera House under the baton of Yu Long in July 2004. In November 2003, she performed with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra in Théâtre des ChampsÉlysées, Grand Théâtre de la Ville Luxembourg, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Cairo Opera House and Alexandria Music Hall with renowned cellist Mischa Maisky, sopranos Wu Bixia and conductor Cui Zhengrong on the same stage. She was featured as a soloist in Raise the Red Lantern, a large-scale production by National Ballet of China directed by Zhang Yimou, with music by Chen Qigang.
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