Harry Wong Celebrates Christmas

23 & 24-12-2014
Tue & Wed 8PM
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

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Harry Wong

Harry Wong (a.k.a. Harry Goh Goh) is a well-known musician, author, TV presenter, prolific M.C. and entertainer for corporate events and the CEO of a mega children’s club. After completing his music education and commercial music at Mable Thatcher Technical College of Liverpool in England, he started off his career as a musician and teacher. His music text books have given significant contribution to all music students and teachers. His talent in music has granted him opportunities to be a performing guest for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Company, as well as the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Harry’s original compositions and Cantonese interpretations of Rick Scott songs are available on the CD album The 5 Elements. This album has won the 2004 North American Parenting Publications Gold Award and the 2004 Parents’ Choice Award in USA.

Harry Wong has been interested in magic since the age of six. Apart from being one of the founding members of the Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong, he is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians and the member of Magic Circle in United Kingdom. Moreover, in 1994, he completed in the International Federation of Magic Societies, which took place in Japan. He uses his amazing magic tricks to bring joys to the public on TV. In 1986, Harry’s first Children TV Programme in Hong Kong with RTHK has left many then-children great laughable memories. Harry succeeded in establishing an image of a Children TV program presenter in 1986 when he first . In 1991, Harry joined the Metro-Broadcast radio channels as a bilingual D.J. He then became the channel director for FM Select in 1996 and continues to be a Children TV Program Host for TVB, ATV, and i-Cable. He is the founder of programme “Healing-Magic” (2001) which he shares his magic with occupational-therapist and apply the art of magic and hypnosis for therapeutic uses. He has also produced many children theatre shows such as "The 5 Elements", “Mad House Party”, “My dad is a Magician 1&2”, “The Trick Brain”, “Kids’ Rock”, etc.

Harry’s passion to bring joy to the world has guided him into becoming the CEO of LZYE, a mega children’s club that operates in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and United Kingdom that brings children a happy childhood through experiencing and learning through world-wide cultures.
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