“You’re hearing one of the best Wagner orchestras in the world.”
--- The Times, November 2018



The monumental Ring of the Nibelung (Ring Cycle) is Richard Wagner’s supreme operatic masterpiece. Written over the span of 30 years, Wagner’s epic saga is made up of four instalments: Das RheingoldDie Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung. Under Music Director Jaap van Zweden, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) embarked on a historic four-year journey, starting in 2015, to complete the entire Ring Cycle, performing one instalment annually in concert, together with a stellar cast of the Wagnerian vocalists and three choruses. Altogether the Orchestra gave eight performances of the Cycle's four parts with a total audience numbering almost 13,000.  This venture also attracted over a hundred members of the media, and numerous highly complimentary reviews were generated.

With support from the Contestable Funding Pilot Scheme of the Home Affairs Bureau, the HK Phil is proud to present a series of free symposia and related activities led by scholars and experts. Associated with the concert performances, these activities aimed to enhance audience's understanding and appreciation of Wagner’s work, and the Ring Cycle in particular. 


Revisiting the greatest moments of the Ring Cycle


Die Walkure
WAGNER Die Walküre – Act I: Finale (Skelton, Melton, HK Philharmonic, Jaap van Zweden
WAGNER Die Walküre - Act III ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ (HK Philharmonic, Jaap van Zweden)
WAGNER  Siegfried




Wagner expert Sue Elliott and Professor Liu Ching-chih, together with the HK Phil musicians, led you to embark on an extradordinary Ring journey via a series of podcasts.


HK Phil's Siegfried Podcast: Sue Elliott’s introduction
Sue Elliott's introduction to Götterdämmerung




Live Recording

The first-ever opera-in-concert performance of Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle in Hong Kong, this four-year journey is also the first to be recorded and released on CD by an orchestra from Hong Kong. Released on the Naxos label, the first three parts have been a huge success with audiences and critics alike. The live recordings of the HK Phil’s Ring Cycle parts one Das Rheingold, two Die Walküre and three Siegfried are now available on CD/Blu-Ray in local record stores. The last recording, Götterdämmerung and while a CD box set of the entire Ring Cycle will be released at the end of November 2018. 

Wagner Ring Cycle Box Set with a USB stick which contains the English and German libretti for all four operas, concert photos and interview videos.




Das Rheingold


Die Walküre






Special Offer


A discount is granted on all physical titles (i.e. CD and Blu-ray audio) in the Ring Cycle – Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried, Götterdämmerung – as well as on the 14-CD box set, which will also be released at the end of Novemeber 2018. This offer is exclusive to all HK Phil Club Bravo members, and any audience members who attended the Ring concerts. Please note that the redemption period for this offer expires on 31 January 2019.


Opera Suggested retail price (HKD) Discounted offer (HKD)
Das Rheingold, CD 160 145
Die Walküre, CD 245 220
Siegfried, CD 320 290
Götterdämmerung, CD 320 290
Das Rheingold, Blu-ray audio 145 130
Die Walküre, Blu-ray audio 200 180
Siegfried, Blu-ray audio 200 180
Götterdämmerung, Blu-ray audio 200 180
Ring Cycle 14-CD box set 640 380

* Shipping and handling fees are not included in the prices above.


There are two ways to redeem this offer.


Option 1:


Visit the Naxos sales booth at any one of the following six concerts at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. You will need to show your HK Phil Club Bravo membership or a photo of the original Ring concert ticket stub. Accepted forms of payment are cash, credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay.


  • 16 & 17 November 2018 (Mahler $200: Symphony no. 7)
  • 14 & 15 December 2018 (YU LONG | Scheherazade)
  • 18 & 19 January 2019 (Zhang Haochen Plays Rachmaninov)


Option 2:


If you are not planning to attend any of the concerts listed above, you may also email Naxos at to place your order, indicating which titles you would like to purchase and quantity for each title. Please attach an image of your HK Phil Club Bravo membership or a photo of the original Ring concert ticket stub to the email. Once your order has been processed, you will be notified by email, and may then arrange to pick up your order at the Naxos warehouse in Kwun Tong. Payment must be made in person by cash, credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay. In case courier service is needed, shipping and handling fee will be charged by Naxos.

Thank you for your support of the HK Phil. We hope you will enjoy this offer. For any additional questions about this offer or individual recordings, please contact


Terms and Conditions


The special discount offer is only valid for purchases made by the above mentioned ways.
The special discount offer is only valid for all physical titles and the CD box set of the Ring Cycle.
The special discount offer expires on 31 January 2019.
The special discount offer is not redeemable for cash, any merchandises or services.
By purchasing the above mentioned merchandises, you accept and agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions.
The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is not the supplier of the special discount offer mentioned. Any enquiries or complaints in relation to the products and services provided should be made to the relevant supplier (i.e. Naxos) directly.
Only HK Phil Club Bravo members and the Ring concert ticket stub holders are eligible for the special discount offer mentioned. The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra disclaims responsibility for any lost concert ticket stub.
The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra reserves all rights of final decision in case of any disputes.





Das Rheingold (2015)


Concert details

Die Walküre (2016)


Concert details

Siegfried (2017)


Concert details

Götterdämmerung (2018)


Concert details

Critical Acclaim


Das Rheingold


"…riveting performance”

Das Opernglas


“The HK Phil achieved remarkable success in the planning and performance of Das Rheingold, and started a new chapter in the concert life of Hong Kong”

Prof CC Liu, Hong Kong Economic Journal


"Reaching the pinnacle of perfection… The achievement was due to Jaap van Zweden's determination to make music at the highest level instead of sensational stage effects. He took the HK Phil to the next level. It is not only a blessing to the HK Phil but also to all fans in Hong Kong."

Prof Leo Lee, Ming Pao Daily News


Die Walküre


“The most remarkable element of the performances was the high standard of the orchestral playing, astonishing for a band that had never tackled Wagner’s dramas in sound before.”

Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times



“The Hong Kong Phil deserves huge credit for making the effort.”
“Van Zweden and his orchestra deserve maximum credit for successfully sowing the seeds of Wagnerian appreciation in Greater China.”

Philip Eisenbeiss, Interlude


“Triumph for orchestra and singers alike”

Alexis Alrich, South China Morning Post


“… the real stars of the Walküre were conductor Jaap van Zweden and the Hong Kong Philharmonic.”

Robert Markow, Der Neue Merker


“A Ring from Hong Kong to Take on the World”

Hugo Shirley, Gramophone




“Jaap van Zweden has rehearsed his players to an admirable level of prowess ….a cogent, no-nonsense Siegfried that is always alive with interest… Siegfried offers a good, all-round performance. The scene is set for a successful conclusion of the Hong Kong Ring next year.”

Ken Smith, Financial Times


“The HK Phil “is always utterly secure and ever responsive to [Jaap] van Zweden’s fine-grained control. There’s never a shortage of lustre or refinement…”

Andrew Clements, The Guardian




Götterdämmerung was his [Jaap van Zweden] crowning glory and, by most measures, a phenomenal success.”

Alan Yu, bachtrack


“The Hong Kong Ring is pretty good, easily equal to many other Rings, and much better than some.”

Josh Roland, Classical Iconoclast


“Jaap van Zweden: Lord of the Hong Kong Ring”

Jo Litson, Limelight



Media Coverage


Date Media Headline
September 2018 issue Gramophone Carving out his future
10 October 2018 The Times Mud, masseurs and a massive memory-surviving the Ring
November 2018 issue BBC Music Jaap van Zweden interview
November 2018 issue Opera Now Jaap van Zweden King of The Ring (cover story)
9 November 2018 The Times Jaap van Zweden-Götterdämmerung Review
13 November 2018 Presto Classical Jaap van Zweden on the Hong Kong Philharmonic's Ring Cycle