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What is it?
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Come join The Tung Foundation - Young Audience Scheme and enjoy all these exclusive activities and benefits!

What is it?
Presented by the HK Phil and sponsored by The Tung Foundation – Young Audience Scheme offers you exclusive access to your orchestra and world-class musicians. Being an HK Phil Junior, you will enjoy the activities, events organized by us, year-round privileges and discounts as well as our rewards scheme with souvenirs.

Who is eligible?
If you’re a full-time local primary or secondary student, then you’re eligible for membership of one of the best clubs in Hong Kong. The Tung Foundation YAS offers you exclusive access to your orchestra. In 2014/15 we celebrate 18 years of the scheme. Keep reading to find out about what we offer! 

Year-round Benefits & Activities

Members will enjoy:

  55% off the full ticket price of HK Phil concerts.
  20% discount on souvenirs, booklets and CDs (except on already discounted items).
  Special invitations to attend at least one HK Phil concert  FREE. Watch out for the invitations, which will be sent to you via e-mail.
  Discounts and special offers from a wide range of participating merchants.

Accompanying family members also enjoy: 
  10% off the full ticket price.*
  Discount tickets for special free concert invitations to The Tung Foundation YAS members.
*Discounts are available at URBTIX outlets (Maximum of 2 discounted tickets for each membership and concert. Discounts are not applicable for some designated concerts).

2014/15 The Tung Foundation - Young Audience Scheme Free Concerts
Each HK Phil Junior of The Tung Foundation - Young Audience Scheme is entitled to have at least one free ticket of a designated HK Phil concert per season. To show our gratitude for the support of our old and new members, we now offer you the following designated concerts:






1 May 2014 (Friday)

Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Concert Hall

Swire Maestro Series:
The Flying Frenchman

8 May 2015 (Friday)

Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Special Project 1:
Chamber Recital – 20th Century Masterpiece

9 May 2015 (Saturday)

Special Project 2:
Hong Kong Composer Showcase

22 May 2015 (Friday)

Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Concert Hall

The Macallan Bravo Series: The Creation

28 June 2015 (Sunday)


Swire Sunday Family: Classics for Family


4 July 2015 (Saturday)


Swire Maestro Series:
Nightingale & Firebird

Registration deadline: 5:00pm, Friday, 27 March 2015
Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful registration will be notified by a confirmation email on or before Monday, 3 November 2014.

*To purchase additional tickets of adjacent seats for accompanying family members, please click here to complete the ticket booking form.  Please fax or email the ticket booking form to us together with your Free ticket registration form on/before 5:00pm, Friday, 27 March 2015.

Savings and Discounts
Membership of The Tung Foundation YAS offers you many exclusive benefits. Show your membership card when you purchase HK Phil concert tickets, products of the following designated merchants, and earn BIG discounts:

  Hong Kong Book Centre Ltd.
  Kelly & Walsh Ltd
  Swindon Book Co. Ltd
  Artistic Channel Music & Art Education Center
(Hong Kong Clarinet Center, Hong Kong Oboe Center, Hong Kong Trumpet Center, Hong Kong French Horn Studio, Hong Kong Trombone Studio)
  Chairman Instruments Trading Ltd.
  Clazz Music Ltd.
  Collin Music Co. Ltd
  Eddie's House of Strings
  Greenery Music Ltd.
  Happy Sound Music Ltd
  Harmony Music Co.
  Hong Kong Erhu Arts Centre
  Hong Kong Music Education
  Hong Kong Records
  Hong Kong Strings Ltd
  Juloe Music Centre
  Muse Music Co.
  Parsons Music
  PercussionSpirit Music Centre
  Professional Music Service Co Ltd
  Pro Sound Ltd.
  Rhythm Music House
  S. T. Music & Art Center
  Sunrise Music
  Tom Lee Music Co Ltd.
  Tsang Fook Piano Co Ltd.
  CCDC Dance Centre

Please click here to download a full list of merchants: Download

Meet World-class Musicians
As a HK Phil Junior, you will have the chance to meet world-class musicians you see on stage, from the members of your orchestra, the HK Phil, to guest artists who visit Hong Kong to perform with them.

Instrumental Masterclasses and Music Appreciation Workshops
Being a HK Phil Junior, you have access to special events designed to increase your musical knowledge and the love of music. Instrumental masterclasses and workshops take place each year. All members are welcome to join as demonstrators or observers.

2014/15 Instrumental Masterclass
Admission Fee : Free
Language : Mainly English (with some Cantonese translation)
Topics : 1) Audition – No Sweat!
2) Ensemble Playing – make it full of FUN!
3) How to approach sight reading, quick study & scale without panic?
4) Performance Techniques
Participant : 1) Applying as demonstrators OR
    2) Applying as observers
  *Each participant can apply for more than 1 masterclass
Requirement : Please refer to application form

Masterclass Schedule:

Date (d-m-y)



Instructors -
HK Phil Musicians

Application Deadline

Application Deadline


10-1-2015 (Sat)



Jing Wang (Concertmaster)






Christopher Moyse
(Assistant Principal)

24-1-2015 (Sat)



Megan Sterling (Principal)





Domas Juškys

31-1-2015 (Sat)



Li Bo (Co-Principal)






Jarod Vermette (Principal)

7-2-2015 (Sat)



Fang Xiaomu (Co-Principal)





Vance Lee (Assistant Principal)


14-2-2015 (Sat)



Sophia Woo Shuk-fai





Andrew Simon (Principal)

*CR1 & CR2 –7/F, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall Backstage

Application Closed

Open Rehearsals
Over 10 open rehearsals are scheduled each year. Come and hear the orchestra in rehearsal – it’s a great way to gain insight into the best music making. Your membership gets you through the door!

Open Rehearsal Schedule: click here

Application details: Every HK Phil Junior can bring a maximum of 5 guests to the Open Rehearsal.

Application deadline: 2 weeks before the confirmed open rehearsal

Vivace! Bonus Points System and Outstanding Member Awards
Vivace! Bonus Points System rewards your efforts with recognition and unique HK Phil Junior souvenirs. Every time you attend an event or attain a music goal, you will get bonus points. When you have collected enough points, you can spend them on HK Phil Junior’s souvenirs – or apply for one of the Vivace! Outstanding Member Awards. Details, including terms and conditions, can be found in the members’ booklet.

Plese download the details of the Points System here:
Vivace! Bonus Points System: Download
Rewards: Download
Vivace! Outstanding Member Awards: Download

To redeem the bonus points accumulated in 2013/14 season for souvenirs or awards, simply submit the redemption form 2013/14 and collect the souvenirs before 31 August 2014. 



Our e-newsletters and regular updates on members’ activities and HK Phil news come to all members automatically. Keep an eye out for more great activities throughout the year.

2013/14 Winter Issue Spring Issue Summer Issue
2014/15 Spring Issue    

2014/15 Season
Membership Fees

Membership 1 Year
Membership period From 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2015
Membership fee New Member – HK$60
    Old Member – HK$50

  • 2014/15 Enrollment Form and Submission
    Simply download the Enrollment Form and submit the completed Enrollment Form together with the membership fee to our office, either by mail, fax, in person, or at the HK Phil reception counter on the night of the performance. Your membership card will be sent out by mail within 4 weeks upon receiving the Enrollment Form.

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    Share Your Thoughts
    What do you think about The Tung Foundation YAS activities this season? Do you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for the scheme in the coming year? It is a perfect time for you to voice your opinion by emailing us to

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